GB7TH is back!

Thanks to the kind donations of both local users and the wider community, we have successfully raised enough funds to replace the repeater hardware.

GB7TH is now using a Motorola DR3000 repeater and has been reinstalled. We’ve also carried out some additional work which includes a new, freshly tuned duplexer which has given us around 3dB less loss on the RX side and a new bandpass filter on the RX side to help reduce unwanted interference and improve the separation between RX/TX frequencies. This seems to have helped the overall sensitivity on RX with some good reports coming in from users and listeners.

We’ve also added some additional mains power surge protection and plan to revisit the site in summer to carry out some routine maintenance on the antenna system and install some extra lightning protection.

Please see the dedicated GB7TH page for more information.

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